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Frequently asked questions

❓ The time slot I want is not available. Can I order for a different time and still collect my order at the time I wanted?
❌ If a time slot is not appearing as an option, it means that the time slot is full. This means you cannot collect at the time you want and should arrive at your booked time. Place your order early to avoid disappointment.

Can I pick the time I want to collect before I fill my basket?

❌ Pick your time slot after you have filled your basket to avoid disappointment. Please ensure you pick the correct time and date.

Are the collection times in 24 hour clock format?

✅ Yes they are. Please double check you have selected the correct time before placing your order. This will be displayed again before you pay.

❓ Do I need the order number and verification code to collect my order?

✅ Yes - you will be asked for the order number and verification code to avoid confusion, as other customers may have the same name.

❓ Can I walk-up and place my order?
✅ We are now able to accept walk-up orders. Click & Collect orders will take priority over customers waiting to place a walk-up order, so there may be a wait. Cash is currently accepted but this is subject to change at any time. We would strongly urge customers to use contactless payment methods.

❓ Are you taking cash?

✅ Cash is currently accepted but this may change at any time. 

Can I have lemon on my fish?

❌ We are not currently putting lemon on fish. This to cut out any unnecessary steps in preparation which requires manual handling due to COVID-19.

Do you still fry in vegetable oil?

✅ Yes, we fry in vegetable oil

❓ Can I change the day/time of my collection?
❌ Unfortunately we cannot do this. Please make sure you check that you have selected the correct date and time before making your payment - the date and time you have selected is displayed before payment is taken. Once the order has been placed and paid for it is locked into the system and we have no way of editing this. Due to Covid restrictions, we are running with a smaller team. This means we may be unable to answer the phone or respond to any messages of this nature on social media. Once your food has been cooked, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. 

❓ Can I pick up my food earlier than the time of my booked collection?
❌ Unfortunately this is not possible. When orders are placed, a queue is established to a fixed time scale. Allowing one customer to pick their order up
early pushes the other customers who are yet to collect behind schedule.

❓ Can I pick my food up later than the time of my booked collection?
❌ Unfortunately this is not possible either. The orders are placed in a tightly timed queue so it is not possible for us to complete your order at a later time when other orders are waiting to be prepared. This would result in delays for other customers.

An item I ordered last time is not appearing to be available to order now. Is it still on the menu?

✅ Yes, the item is still on the menu but we have currently sold out of it. We hide items from the menu if we have sold out to avoid disappointment. Don't worry - it will be back soon!

❓ Can I place my order in advance?
✅ Yes and we would encourage customers to do this! Slots have been released for Gluten Free Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday so book as soon as possible to secure the collection slot in advance.

❓ Can I place my order on the day?
✅ Customers can place their order on the day, subject to availability.

❓ Can I add or remove items from my order once I have placed it?
❌ As the order gets locked into the system, we are unable to edit it so you cannot change your order. 

❓ Can I order for somebody else to collect?
✅ As long as the person collecting the order has the order number, the verification code and the name the order is placed in, yes somebody else can collect an order.

❓ Can I have scrumps with my meal?
✅ Press the scrumps option in the sides section. You will receive scrumps if they are available.

❓ Do you deliver?
✅ We offer a delivery service through Deliveroo. Visit to find our menu. The area in which our food can be delivered too is set by Deliveroo, not ourselves. If you have any questions regarding delivery area please see Deliveroo’s website.

❓ Can I have my fish poached or panfried?
❌ So we can serve as many of our customers as possible, we are not offering poached or panfried fish at this time.

❓ Are you serving Gluten-Free?
✅ We are now serving Gluten-Free again EVERY TUESDAY. On Tuesday's, all items sold will be Gluten Free. For our non-gluten free customers, our gluten free batter is just as delicious as our usual!

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